Featured alumni

Alumnus Srihari Balu

Srihari Balasubramanian

Srihari Balasubramanian joined Gateway Business Consultants after his Masters in Management in 2008-2009
I manage various government-funded projects such as the Business London, E-Innovate and Gateway Asia Programmes, and the Masters in Management is at the heart of everything I do at my current work. The course gave me the knowledge and confidence to be successful in what I do.

Alumnus Parmanand Adharmi

Parmanand Adharmi

Parmanand Adharmi joined BUPA after his Masters in Management in 2008-2009.
The Brunel Masters in Management course enabled me to see a bigger picture of company policies and projects. This degree provided me with a good launching pad for my career.


Padma Priya Sanna

Padma Priya Sanna now runs her own Consultancy Business after her Masters in Management in 2008-2009.
After a career and work experience spanning over ten years, I decided to complete my Masters in Management for better career prospects, and hence chose Brunel University, one of the best decisions of my life and one which I am very proud of. I now run my own consultancy business after graduating in 2009.

Alumnus Lianzhen-Sun

Lianzhen Sun

Lianzhen Sun joined Tianjin Huihe Electric Equipment Co., Ltd after her Masters in Management in 2007.
After my Masters in Management I joined the Tianjin Huihe Electric Equipment Co as financial controller. Without a doubt, the strategy and theory during the Masters in Management programme was my favourite part. It gave me the independent abillity to think, analyze and find solutions.

Alumnus Michael Bhadmus

Michael Bhadmus

After graduating in 2010, Michael now works for Omniserv as a manager.
The Msc course I studied not only focused on academic knowledge but also on the practical skills that I as a manager use at work today. I especially enjoyed the Theory and Practice in Management module which focused on practical situations managers face on a daily basis, the role of a manager, structures in organisations and various other managerial theories and concepts.

Alumnus: Carla Salavedra Figols

Carla Salavedra Figols

Carla Salavedra Figols joined Telyco after her Masters in Management in 2012.
Brunel Business School not only gave the theoretical knowledge about Management but it went further providing me with the practical knowledge and showing you what it will be like to be a part of the real business world.


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Established for over 15 years, Brunel’s MSc in Management is currently ranked 9th position in the UK by the Financial Times Global Masters in Management. The programme possesses considerable strengths including the existence of a diverse and international mix of faculty and students. 

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